Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Holocaust Memorial Day – the numbers of the beast.

The number of the beast is not 666, its not even 6 million, it is 11 million, or somewhere above it. “Approximately 11 million Jews”, that is the number that sums up the Nazi death list made in the Wannsee Conference on January 20th 1942 headed by Reinhard Heydrich and Adolph Eichmann.

11 million is a big number, bigger the number of Jews that lived in all over Europe prior to outbreak of the war, which was about 9,377,000. Even if we add the over 1 million Jews that lived in nazis' plan of advance, (from North West Africa to India), and those under Japanese occupation, we won’t get that number. 11 million Jews is the number of Jews all over the world minus the USA. It is a number that includes, Israel, Yemen, and India, Ethiopia and South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Cuba and Mexico and all of Latin America, with all of Asia, Africa and of-course Europe.

It does not say so in the protocols, but in 1942 that what 11 millions Jews meant. How the numbers were distributed beyond Europe is a guess work. The term “unoccupied France” registers 700,000 Jews - far higher than the total number of Jews in Vichy France, North West Africa, Syria and Lebanon, and the rest of the French colonial empire. Russia on its European and Asian possessions had no more then 3 million Jews, and not 5 million, as the protocols suggest. The other 2 millions are more then enough to include all major Ashkenazi dominated communities in the old world outside of Europe, plus Canada and Latin America. When it comes to Italy the protocols mention 58,000 Jews with a strange reference to Sardinia. This is an exaggeration. The fact was that in 1939 there where only 45,000 Jews in Italy, and that number kept dropping. Who were the other thousands of Jews? The Jews of Ethiopia, which then believed to have numbered only 19,000?

It is an eerie division, one that reflects the current divisions of Israeli society.
Perhaps it is pointless and useless to dwell in the fantasies of the dead beast. But the beast ain’t dead, it has changed its name and excuses, and methods of brutality but not the fantasies. Fantasies that then as now are beyond their ability to chew but can still do a lot of harm.

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