Wednesday, September 14, 2011

9/11, ten years later, reflections

Seeing the images from the ceremonies commemorating the tragedy of 9/11, a sense of strength came from them. I don’t know what is the nature of that strength but it felt like a good strength.

The events of 9/11 were hard on us in Israel. At the time we were caught in a wave of suicide bombings. Therefore we thought that finally the world understands under what kind of terror we were living under. But this was quickly overwhelmed by the dispiriting realization that there is no getting away from the rule of this terror. But there is a way to get away. Fighting back, denying them the military high ground and the moral high ground.

“Terrorism is the weapon of the weak.” There are still a lot of people that believe in this nonsense, isn’t it? Bin Laden wasn’t weak or poor, he was rich, Ghadafi is still filthy rich, and Arafat? He made money out of terrorism, lots of it.
When there is an onslaught of terrorism, always look for the corrupt rich guy/s.