Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Vampires 5

Vampires are real. If you meet one, you can become one, feel their thirst, feel their immortality, feel their secret known as 5.
For vampires are real, and they do walk among us, in daylight as in nighttime, they walk for 5.
Undeterred by crosses and holy water, or any other religion on earth, for they have their mysterious 5.
Five minutes, five hours, five seconds, even five microseconds. For vampires only feel as if they leave forever, while in fact all they have is a very brief life span of five. Any five, as long as it’s a quickie one.

Israeli cable television is now working on the first Israeli vampires show. A concept that is alien to the Jewish culture and the Israeli culture, but an integral part of the popular culture.

According to National Geographic, vampires bats do exist, but the don’t go for the neck, they go for the toches.

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