Monday, February 2, 2009

An open letter to the Israeli citizens?
Sam Bahour of El Bireh in the West Bank wrote an open letter to the citizens of Israel, or so the title claims.

He wrote in English, to an English website, that belongs to an English newspaper in an English speaking country, England.
But he wrote it to us, Israelis, or did he?
In his letter he gives us a shopping list of commands of things we “could do” instead of what we are doing.
All of which come down to one thing, removing all the security measures that have successfully reduced the threat of terrorism and keeps our women and children alive and safe. How will that benefit us he does not say.
He talks about “buying into our government line that we were under attack”. Only someone who does not live in Israel can believe that it was just a line. We, from the left to the right, had seen the attacks; know people in the south that suffered from them. And many people, including public figures, including from the left, went to Sederot and near by communities to support the local population. All of them bare witness to the brutality of Hamas.
Then Mr. Bahour tells a strange story about a nameless Israeli, which he describes as a ‘former peace activist’, that is willing to kill 100,000 Palestinians? ??
Who is this nameless Israeli? Only Sam Bahour knows.
But is there is anyone among us Israelis who heard of anything remotely like this?
I’ll tell the non-Hebrew speaking world what we do know. And that is that the peace camp in Israel not only voiced concerned over the numbers of Palestinian casualties and death, but also called to end the fighting, to not engaging in the ground campaign and to settle for the air campaign instead.
So why slander the Israeli peace camp?
What sort of a person, calming to want peace will slander the other side peace camp?
And what is that number 650,000 arrested Palestinian in 30 years?
What does it include, assuming it is real: just political? Terrorism? Or also criminal activity?
People arrested for days to month, or also for a few hours and less?
People arrested just by Israel, or also by the PA?
So did Sam Bahour write an open letter to the Israelis or propaganda piece to the English-speaking world with an attractive title?
You’ll be the judge.


  1. אני רואה שכבר למדת איך בונים LINK-ים.

    תודה ואני מייד אעשה כך גם.

  2. לינקים למדתי, איך להחליף את העברית באנגלית ולתקן את ההזנות. זה עדיין לא.