Monday, February 16, 2009

Is it worth it?

Subject: personal opinion, the Shalit deal.

Now the debate in Israel is hitting up whether to release the 1430 or so murderers and mass murderers demanded by Hamas in exchange of Gilad Shalit or not to release.
The yea-sayers say yes because we must end his suffering and that of his family.
The naysayers say no because all those released, or most of them will return to terrorist activity.
Though I agree with the later argument I say Yes.
The reason is simple. Terrorism is not just a matter of will, but also means and opportunities, and with the heavy presence of the IDF in the West Bank, the check points and the security barrier, both means and opportunities had diminished substantially.
Second reason and the most important of them all, we the Israeli citizens, sent them (the soldiers) there to protect us, we owe it to them to do the outmost to get them out of captivity.
And a soldier who knows that his country, his government, his people, will do the outmost to set him free, will give his outmost to his country and then some more.
Plus then sense of solidarity will increase nation wide and even more so among the troops.
The third reason, I’m no Ehud Olmert so I’ll wait for Gilad’s return.

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