Friday, February 20, 2009

Gerald Kaufman is a good Jew.

A good obedient Court Jew of a Jew. There are no more courts to house Court Jews so GK inhabits the improvised court of ‘Israel critique’ unable to distinguish between criticism and slander.
The claim that Israel uses charges of anti-Semitism to silence critiques of Israel is Palestinian propaganda accepted by some elements in the left because it was labeled ‘criticism of Israel’.
The fact is that Israel never done it – it is simply bad diplomacy. Only the blatant holocaust denial of the Iranian president forced our state officials to start addressing the issue.
The IDF replay, which GK claims the Nazis used, is a false claim. When the Nazis thought they are going to win, they did not try to hide their intentions, when they started to lose, they did try to hide their crimes.
[If only the Jews of Warsaw had at the time the amount of weapons Hamas has now in Gaza. ]
GK is a good person, but not a very smart one, he really cares, but he needs to be told/programmed how to care. GK spoke to a lot of empty seats, how many empty houses will listen to him now in the Jewish world?

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