Monday, February 2, 2009

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Hallow everybody,Dvar Dea is a fancy way to say in Hebrew, ‘I have something to say’ and I have a lot to say. On politics that is the Israeli Arab conflict and related matters. On history; a bit on entertainment, and other stuff.

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  1. It seems to me that the tone of your response to such absurdity is far too soft, and very far from clear. The opposition’s message is very clear: their complaint is loud. Israel’s corrective statements must be (not only defensible and supportable, which it seems to me, they’ve always been), but clearly stated and as strongly worded as is suitable for a party that has been defamed by lies.

    I suggest something like the following:

    It is pleasing to see that The Guardian has understood the situation. As they correctly noted, the fragment that was allegedly found could not have been from a 500 Kilo bomb, since the building was hardly damaged, and a 500 Kilo Bomb would have produced rather massive wreckage. So, whatever it was, it was not a 500 K bomb.

    Even in the midst of a battle, the massive blast of a 500 K bomb would have not only been heard, it would have rightly alarmed anyone responsible for that Mill. It would be entirely reasonable to expect that such a person as the Owner of the Mill would have personally conducted a survey of damage, immediately after the battle. In that search, the fragment (if it had been there) would almost certainly have been found at that time. Not 15 days later.

    The statements of The Guardian demonstrate that this pseudo event is just another in the long list of fabrications that Hamas has bandied-about, in an attempt to compensate for their inadequacies on the battlefield by use of their aggressive skills in Myth-making.


    Norm Singer