Wednesday, January 13, 2010

One year after ‘Operation Cast Lead’, Israel’s picture of victory.

Gadi Caballo Sderot photo, Yediot Achronot

This picture, taken by photojournalist Gadi Caballo, and published in Israel leading newspaper Yediot Achronot on December the 28th 2009 is in my opinion Israel’s picture of victory of the ‘Gaza War’ or as we call it in Israel ‘Operation Cast Lead’.

This picture shows the normality of the town, which was always harsh, but did not include the immediate presence of death.

The structures behind the old woman, attached to those two floors buildings are security rooms, their propose is to provide immediate shelter in case of renewed enemy attacks, be it Qassam rockets, Katyusha rockets or Grad missiles.

These structures are Sderot recognizable feature. Paris has the Eiffel Tower, Venice the canals and gondolas, London the Big Ben and the black taxi cabs, the small town of Sderot has these.

The fear of another round of violence shows that the victory is not complete, but the fact that we won, that we are the ones who have returned to normality, is something for the enemy to think about, especially Hamas.


  1. Thanks snoop.
    Bad copy of a picture though, but it’s the best I could do. I could not find a website where Gadi Cabbalo placed this picture. It would have been a lot better if I could link to it. English’s bad too, but I fixed it, well what I caught that is.

  2. London the Big Bang? Do you mean Big Ben?

    It's not just Sderot, of course that needs security rooms, you can find them all over Israel, it's just that Sderot needs them most at the moment.

  3. I fixed it Ray, thanks. I have no excuses.

    However, not all of Israel has security rooms, and not all Israelis have gas masks either. I know our security services looks good today because of what they are doing in Haiti, but back here in Israel the ability of the government and military to provide immediate protection to civilians is far from satisfactory.