Sunday, January 24, 2010

Haiti disaster, the media coverage of the Israeli rescue efforts, questions of pride and shame

There is no question that like the rest of my people I feel proud at the work my fellow countrymen are doing Haiti.
Proud, though I myself had very little to do with it.
Proud of the lives they saved.
Proud of them becoming an integral and critical part of a Global Team Effort, as the news services reported.
Proud as every member of every nation that have people there that help, save, and provide the helpless and the needy.
The Americans, that came in mass to prepare the infrastructure to receive the help they and the whole world sent and to secure it.
The neighboring nations of the Caribbean and the Americas, whether rich or poor, that rushed to help.
And many other nationalities and organizations from all over the world that came to save not only the lives of Haitian but the dignity of the entire human race.

For an Israeli like myself it is good to be apart of this Global Team Effort to do so much good. But as an Israeli I am also a part of this world, a part of this planet. As an Israeli I am also one of the many that allowed the world to make places like Haiti what they are today.

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