Friday, January 22, 2010

Haiti disaster, the media coverage of the Israeli rescue mission to the stricken Caribbean nation

By all accounts the earthquake that had hit Haiti is a disaster far worse then we can imagine. There are no words or images the can describe properly the scales of that catastrophe, despite constant efforts by the international media to just that.

When it comes to covering this disaster the important task in front the world news services is telling it’s scale, the helplessness of the survivors there, and the life threatening conditions of many of the injured. In my personal opinion the internal media had done just that and for that, CNN, BBC, SKY, Fox, and the American network deserve the highest praise. Though I was unable to review all the work done by other networks the general impression is the same. The works of Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN covering the places were the gallant medical crews that came from around the world were unable to reach, and his college Anderson Cooper who went farther out of Port Au Prince as possible are in my opinion the best and most persistent attempts to capture the magnitude of that distraction. And while the heroes of this tragedy are undeniably the rescue teams and medical crews from around the world, credit must also go the international media for doing its part. The part it suppose to do, and while at it taking part in the rescue efforts themselves, as did the medical correspondents, in some of the examples below.

CNN: From the Israeli angel by Paula Hancocks

CNN: Elizabeth Cohen, “Infections out of control.”

CNN: Chris Lawrence on IsraAID and the international effort:

CBS Dr. Jennifer Ashton the Rolls Royce piece:

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MSNBC Dr. Nancy Snyderman

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There is no denying that as an Israeli and an Israeli advocate I take much pride and pleasure in seen the efforts of my country, the field hospital, the rescue teams, Israaid, doing their part in face of a desperate situation, as a part of a global team effort.

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