Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Israel at 61, Beyond politics and stereotypes, 10 useless facts about Israel.

Today is Israel’s independence day, 61 years. The public image of Israel, whether favorably or negatively, is very narrow and very political, so here is a list of 10 useless facts about Israel, stereotypical and shallow but put together they are the more normal shallow stereotypes countries and people have.

Most of it is of the head recollection of information about Israel that was published in the Israeli press over the years. It ranges from the somewhat useless to the very useless. And I cannot vouch for its accuracy.

1- Israel has the highest number of cats per person in the western world. But the most common house pet is the dog.
2- Israelis are 30 times saltier in their choice of taste then the average westerner.
3- Around 250 million migratory birds cross the narrow sky of Israel each year.
4- It had been said that 94% of Israeli women shave their armpits.
5- Israel is home to Yosi the world tallest elephant to have been raised in captivity. He is 2.5 meters (8.2 feet) tall without raising his trunk. He could have made a whole new definition of the term ‘one man basketball team’ if he wasn’t the hockey type.
6- Israel is the only place in the world, were Crocs beach sandals became a heat.
7- There was never hostility in Israel between Rockin'roll and Disco, they have a nice co existence there, along side other types of music.
8- Contrary to popular beliefs in some parts of the world, Tel Aviv isn’t Brooklyn with camels. Camels hadn’t roamed the streets of Tel Aviv and it’s environs for nearly 50 years.
9- On the same note, Ari and Ziva are not common names in Israel, more common names are Ram, Imanuel, Jacky, Rachel, Ortal, Oshrit, Shirley, Gal, Sharon, Shay (which means gift), Matan (which means gift), Dorron (which means gift), Dror, Boaz, Assaf, Ronit, Nurit, Shirry, Osnat, David, Lilach, Tomer and many more. Which is more popular? That changes every year but the most popular is Muhammad.
10- We are not that bad as drivers. Generally speaking that is.


  1. Aside of the no 10, it is easy to swallow.


  2. Have you seen how Hollywood portrays us? We have bad drivers and nut cases who shouldn’t be behind the wheel, and maybe we have more of them then most countries, but they are still not the majority.