Friday, May 1, 2009

Small reminder, the Jaffa riots of May 1st 1921.

88 years ago, on May 1st, Arab inciters in Jaffa used a dispute between communists Jews and Zionist Jews in Tel Aviv to launch a pogrom on Jews of Jaffa and Jewish houses in Tel Aviv that where on the border with Jaffa and near by Arab villages.
The pictures below are in descending order of the slain body of the author and teacher Yosef Haim Brener, the most famous victim of the riots of 1921. His pupil, Tzi Shatz, who was murdered with him. Wounded survives from Jaffa that made it to Tel Aviv. The 79 years old Mordechai Haviv Asido Ashido, a shoemaker and the unofficial muchtar, village chief, of the Jews of Jaffa; he was murdered by an Arab mob that surrounded his home, after he tried to reason with them.

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The pogrom was followed by attacks on Petach Tikva, Rehovot, and Gedera.


  1. Who is this Mordechai Ashido? I can't find anything about him?

  2. There is nothing on him in the Internet that is in English and very little in Hebrew. The best places to look for information about him are veteran libraries in Israel, and archives that are keeping newspapers from that era.