Sunday, April 19, 2009

Elucidating the Elucidation, Alex Stein’s guest post at Harry’s Place.

Today Harry’s Place hosted a member of the opposition, Alex Stein from I call him opposition and not enemy because he does acknowledge that throwing rocks can be lethal, and Israel is justified in its need for a security barrier, (though he wants it as close as possible to the green line, where it is very close to our main communities).
Alex claims he knows the IDF murdered Bassem Abu Rahmeh during the Saturday’s demonstration in Bil’in because he held a tear gas canister in his hand, similar to the one that killed Bassem, and therefore he knows how heavy it is. But what about the firing mechanism Alex, did you check that, do you know if it is easy to handle, especially with “recently introduced canisters’? Does it take a bizarre set of circumstances for a projectile to be fired at a lower height then intended? Or is it just very easy for your dogmatic thought process to find Israeli soldiers guilty of murder?
A “bizarre set of circumstances” Alex, is a stray bullet that went through corners before hitting someone, debris that misses everybody, a rain of fish.

Alex you hold every Israeli soldier guilty of murder due to actions you attribute to few. I don’t recall regular Wehrmacht soldiers been held to such a high standard, no wonder you’ve backed down from this statement in talkbacks. But if you still hold to that sweeping generalization, what that makes you Alex, You and your movement? For your failure in condemning terrorism and incitement, for not offering an alternative to the security barrier, you and your people weren’t even able to think of the idea of getting a single Palestinian from those living along the barrier route, just one, to call to those terrorists and say “not through my land”. By your own logic Alex you are just as guilty as Hamas and the other Palestinian mass murder organizations. You Alex are a butcher and a torturer of hundreds and thousands of Israelis, a slayer of families.

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