Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pallywood alert: was Nablus’ teen killed by live fire?

The fact that Muhammad Qadus was killed is so far undisputed but was it from live fire?
From YNET:

Military officials say that troops did not use live ammunition during the
confrontation but Nablus doctor Mahmoud Qaadan, who treated Qadus at Rapidia
hospital, told Ynet that the findings were conclusive: "We had an entry and exit
of a bullet. We do not have a bullet, but this type of injuries with entry and
exit wounds are only created by live ammunition and not by rubber-coated

Now look at the X ray photo supplied by Salma a-Dab'I of B'Tselem, it shows a clearly recognized bullet in the middle of a long canal like dent at the left side of the skull, but it does not correspond to the path of the canal and has a completely different background, black and a perfect rectangle. Based on the positioning of the bullet it is hard to tell how it got in. This photo also contradicts the Doctor’s testimony that no bullet was found. While the entry and exist wounds the Doctor reported on are not clear from this photo, it does not dispute them. It is best that other doctors, who are expert in reading x-ray photos look at this.

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