Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Obama and the Israeli public, So say Haaretz

Haaretz says that in a meeting with Jewish leaders president Barack Obama told them that us Israelis must do some reflections. What a nasty thing to say about us, after all the reflections we did during the Oslo years, and what we got for it, waves after waves of mass murder attacks. But then, that is what Haaretz says he said; no other Israeli newspaper says so.
Haaretz is a good newspaper, on society, law and government, science, environment, etc. until someone or something touch its occupation button, then it becomes the newspaper that advanced Amos Harel’s unfounded war crimes charges, the last major newspaper to realize that anti Semitism plays a major role in the ‘criticism’ of Israel, and the newspaper whose editor had asked then Secretary of State Condoliza Rice to rape Israel into concessions.
This is a newspaper where a dogma resides in it. A dogma so strict it denies the existence of reality, or treat reality as a major annoyance.
But they need reality to confirm their fantasies, they need to rape it into been something else, and since they cannot do it, they ask the American Secretary of State to do it for them; and since they cannot reflect on their own ideological mistakes, as other known Israeli left winger did such as Ari Shavit, Gadi Taub, A. B. Yehoshua and others, the want the Israeli society to reflect on why it cannot agree with them. And since none of this is likely to happen, they need an international authority such as the president of the USA to confirm their dogma. And if they can imagine war crimes where they weren’t, they can imagine words and sentences into the mouth of a US president.

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