Thursday, July 16, 2009

Max Blumenthal drooling for hate in Tel Aviv

So Maxi B, your frame job from Jerusalem got canned so you went to Tel Aviv for a sequel.
How did you do Maxi?
Out of the hundreds of people celebrating the ‘White Nights’ festivities, the Tel Aviv centennial celebrations, this is what you have found? Two kids less then half your age saying stupid things, that's it? But Maxi B, stupid kids exist everywhere, hardly ‘feeling the hate’ as you’ve promised your followers. And the way you were drooling over these two, oh may, oh may…

And you knew that Maxi B, so you went to the Tel Aviv University to fish for more hate. And what did you find? No anti Obama talk to suck your fingers with, or anything else that could counter the video the Jerusalem Post made to balance your old frame job.
Do you know what you did get there, Maxi B?
Because what you did find are glimpses of the serious business of peacemaking, the different narratives, the mutual mistrust, the fear and grievances two warrior nations have towards each other, and more and more.

Yes Maxi we do security checks on Arabs, that is because we don’t want to be blown up by Arabs, as we had been just a few years ago. But you have select out that fact, just as you have selected out the Israeli narrative:
Should we apologize to you and the Arab world for celebrating our independence day because we like the idea of been free, or for surviving the ethnic cleansing they had declared on us?
You have mentioned Arab suffering in that war, but what about Jewish suffering, such as the 100,000 Jewish residents of west Jerusalem, who were prevented food and medicine by an Arab siege, or the sniper at the top of Hasan Beck mosque shooting at pedestrians walking the streets of Tel Aviv, the same streets where you were desperately scavenging for expressions of hate, or whatever you can twist as such.

Why is it Maxi B that Israeli suffering doesn’t exist in your videos, could it be because you know nothing about suffering just as you nothing about peacemaking? Could it be Maxi B that you just don’t care, cause you’re not in it for the caring!

The Hasan Beck mosque

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