Sunday, January 22, 2012

BDS stupidity, Easily Found On The Internet

Jon Haber from Divestthis has done an excellent work, recording and demonstrating the fallacy and malice of the BDS movement (boycott, divestment, sanction). The anti Israel movement aimed at punishing Israel for defending its citizens. His work is admirable, and as an Israeli I am grateful, immensely.
Venturing just a little bit into his realm of expertise, I was surprise to find out how easily found on the Internet their stupidity is, almost one link after the other. And if it is not stupidity that surfaces it is another shortcoming.

The above video records one of the many false reenactment of what they say happens in Israeli checkpoints in the West Bank. Something thousands of cameras distributed to Arab residents of the West Bank failed to catch. It ends in a libel, the killing of a child waiting at the checkpoint. But look at their uniforms – these are not Israeli army uniforms. They do not even closely resemble IDF uniform. They are probably Belgium army, but they resemble Syrian army uniform. Which at the time of this reenactment, (March 2011) was at the beginning of its current mass murder campaign. A mass murder campaign against its own people that is far more horrendous than this libel. In a way their bad reenactment had unintentionally prophesized the coming brutality of the Syrian regime.

Daraa -  Syria

The next two examples belong to Judith Butler, a feminist activist and philosopher, and a known proponent of the BDS movement. In minute 1:13 she and here audience find the idea of righteous Jews hilarious. Thus exposing the anti-Semite side of the BDS movement. What can be more obvious expression of racism than regarding all Jews as evil, even those who agree with them?
In a later video, from the Q&A part of the lecture, at Minute 7:16 she mentions the “struggle after occupation.” Struggle against what? It seems they are intent to continue fighting Israel even after they win. Ending the occupation of 67, and the occupation of 48 is not enough for them. Lucky they are losing.

In the third video I came across, still in Canada, a certain Ben Saifer is arguing on behalf of the BDS movement, and challenged by Marvin Kurtz of B’nai Brith. Between Minutes 4:00 to 4:12 Saifer’s argument for Israel been apartheid state under the legal definition of the word is followed by his own self-rebuttal. He mentioned their guest speaker, Israeli Arab parliamentarian Jamal Zahalka. Something Marvin Kurtz noticed. Mr. Kurtz deserves a lot of credit for his sound arguments and for not losing his cool in front of this fool. I don’t think I could have done the same.

The last example is of a BDS flashmob in Brisbane Australia. A flashmob that is afraid to dance, afraid to move out of their chairs and meet people. Other people may carry realities that expose their false convictions. And an accidental eye contact may expose their hatred. People full of hate cannot do a flashmob. And you will find it in every BDS flushmob video. First condition for a good flushmob: love humanity.

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