Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Israeli teargas versus Tunisian teargas, compare and contrast.

Here are two videos, the first is of anti fence protestors in Ni’ilin from December the 31st, which they have filmed and placed on YouTube. The second is CNN footage from January 19, recording the nasty affects the massive use of teargas by the Tunisian police has on the CNN crew (H/T HonestReporting).

The differences are glaring:

The international anti fence protestors who oppose Israel’s effective security barrier are relaxed and cheerful before and during the protest. As if it is some kind of adventure. One of them plays the saxophone without any difficulty. While Ben Wedeman, CNN’s senior Middle East corresponded and a veteran of many wars and civil unrests is having a hard time adjusting to the Tunisian teargas; and that at a far greater distance from the teargas than the sax player.

As both he and Michael Holmes point out, it is nastier than what they have experienced in Israel. In Israel, as the first video shows, the protestors are suffering from the affects of the teargas only when they are very close to the canisters. And although there were many deaths reported in Tunis, none of them is from inhaling teargas.

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