Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Joe Stork of Human Rights Watch, a case of twistted logic or blame Israel whenever possible

Recently senior Israeli journalist and columnist, Ben Dror Yemini put the spot on Joe Stork of HRW, head of their ME activities. This created somewhat of a uproar on the internet. As evident in Harry’s Place.

Putting the storm aside YouTube has provided us with a link to one of his statements, made according the video’s poster, on September 27th 2006. The statement was made following Israel actions in Gaza after the abduction Gilad Shalit. In it while Joe Storck acknowledges that electricity has dual use, therefore Israel has a case to attack it, it was a war crime for us to do so because we had another option, as providers of most of Gaza electricity, 57% according to him, we could have simply turn off the electricity, and or stop the fuel from coming to the Gaza plant.

Common sense question: which measure will cause more harm to more Palestinians, bombing an electric plant that give electricity to 43% of the population and can be fixed later, or shutting it for 57% and lifting it whenever we want?

Two more facts regarding this: At the time period referred to, Roni Daniel, Israel’s Channel 2 senior military affairs corresponded, said that only the transformers, which are easily replaced, were attacked. Second, during a rise in kassams attacks on Israel, prior to ‘Cast Lead’, Israel considered those actions publicly; HRW, Betselem and others were quick to denounce them as war crimes

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