Friday, June 5, 2009

Akiva Eldar article in the SF Sentinel, hatemongering in America

One can only wonder and speculate as to what drove Akiva Eldar, the political commentator of Haaretz to publish such an irrational and emotional article at the SF Sentinel.
Under the inflaming title “What would happen if Israel defeats Obama” Eldar builds into a short remark of disappointment from the current US administration that was made by an unnamed “senior Israeli official” in Jerusalem things that are not there. With the opening sentence “You had to read it twice to believe it” he create the false impression that this remark was somehow surprising, while in fact due to the opposing views the two governments has over the settlements issue, various analysts had expected worse, and still do. Through the literary tool of false/imaginary quotes from the Israeli government such as “What chutzpah on the part of Barack Obama…”, and “Otherwise Jerusalem will reassess its special relationship with Washington,” he baselessly attributes to Israel and its government attitudes of arrogance and dominance towards the Obama administration. He then goes on with and the apocalyptic question “What will happen if we destroy the prestige of the strongest man in the world and portray him as an empty vessel, incapable of halting the settlement program of a U.S. protégé? Will an Israeli “victory” strengthen the status of the U.S. in the international campaign against Iran?” this is a fear that isn’t grounds in reality, even billion illegal outposts cannot affect the American administration; they can only serve to alienate Israel. Yet Akiva Eldar seem hysterically convinced such conspiracies are on their way. And all that paranoid fantasy he bases on a short, minimized, and totally expected remark by an Israeli official.
This could have been excused as some sort on sarcastic inner Israeli humor, but he did not write this to an Israeli public but to an American one and on the eve of Obama speech in Cairo. And it is this that makes it a hatemongering piece and all the mudslinging at the Israeli right that composes the rest of his SF Sentinel piece; shows clearly his motive, he hates the Israeli right – a lot.
The question thus is not WHY he tried to agitate Americans into an internal Israeli dispute, but what came over him.
A more calculus Akiva Eldar exist elsewhere. This is clearly not a representative of one of his finer moments. Sadly that happens a lot to the Israeli left recently.

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